The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compiles information in many forms, nearly all of which are used to interact with the public and the regulated community. To facilitate this interaction, EPA can readily access all available records to answer Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Congressional requests, and to prepare for various kinds of enforcement, litigation and regulatory activities. This demands that an effective records management system be in place. Such a system provides consistency in the way records are managed, greater efficiency in the filing and retrieval of documents, increased document security, efficient preparation of files for cost recovery and litigation as well as improved utilization of available space.


CAT was selected to provide records management support services to preserve the integrity of EPA’s records and documents and to help EPA serve its customers and shareholders.


CAT provides EPA a broad array of management services including:

  • Project Management, Monthly Reporting, Standard Operating Procedures Updates and Revisions 
  • Maintenance and Operation of four records centers and associated spaces
  • Support of Superfund Enterprise Management System - Records Management functions
  • Support of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests Responses, Congressional Inquiries Responses, and Enforcement Support 
  • Disposition of Records