The Peace Corps is an independent executive agency of the federal government established to promote world peace and friendship through the service of American volunteers. The agency currently manages more than 8,000 volunteers in approximately 70 countries.

To meet its mission, the Peace Corps was seeking an electronic medical record tool to (1) capture the health care delivered overseas by Peace Corps Medical Officers and US- based Peace Corps clinical staff and (2) provide a database by which the Peace Corps may assess the quality of care and business processes through data and reporting.


The firm selected to address this required was EnSoftek, who had developed DrCloudEHR and was a leading contributor to open source technologies.  CAT was selected to serve as the program manager overseeing this worldwide deployment and working with the technical team and Peace Corps staff to ensure this performance-based contract was successful.


The team developed and implemented the Peace Corps first comprehensive electronic medical record system (PCMEDICs) on schedule.