General Electric needed a key features analysis of a new hand-held product which could identify and assess the threat of Chemical and Biological hazards. In addition, it was seeking advice on a market entry strategy.


CAT served as the program manager for this effort. The team sought input from firefighters throughout the nation with hazardous materials (HazMat) experience to understand how a new product with the ability to detect Chemical and Biological threats would be utilized by HazMat technicians throughout the United States. 

This effort included development of a survey to document the importance the Chemical Biological detections, gathering, synthesizing and analyzing data from firefighters with hazardous materials experience in both commercial and state and local government settings. 


GE Security launched its campaign to promote the Next-Gen Chemical-Biological Identifier Mobile device capable of identifying biological as well as chemical substances.  The detector is a portable, user-friendly, handheld device that reliably identifies a broad range of substances in liquid, powder and solid 

Our report helped to provide detailed technical and marketing strategy insights, to enable GE to make informed decisions regarding the delivery of its new product, based upon the extensive experience of first responders.